Embe Esti is a New York Capitol-Region intercontinental fusion band that incorporates Afrobeat, North African and other global traditions into their soulful dance music.

Currently, Embe Esti is performing around the state and working on new material to record our second EP.

If you’re interested in booking us you can find our Electronic Press Kit (EPK) HERE.

You can catch our latest updates on our FaceBook page here.

Here’s some information about the individual members.  (All photos below taken by and displayed with the courtesy of Delia Hubbard:

The group consists of:

Lady T: Vocals

Taunya Hannibal-Williams (aka Lady T) hails from Buffalo NY. She is a classically trained flautist and has been a vocalist and songwriter in several bands, including IMI (reggae) and IndustryUs (industial).  She has also worked with the Marvin Starr Project (R&B) and Filth (neo-punk). Her voice has been deemed “ethereal” by Metroland magazine and she enjoys the challenge of singing in different musical genres.

Scott Guitar
Scott Collins: Guitar

Scott Collins earned a Bachelors of Music degree in Music Composition from Berklee College of Music and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Multi-Focus Guitar Performance from California Institute of the Arts. The upstate New York based guitarist’s playing on fretted and fretless instruments draws from a wide range of western and non-western music. He is known for playing exotic sounds with tremendous passion and pyrotechnic velocity.

Scott has performed live improvised accompaniment for more than a dozen silent films, was a featured performer on the “God of War II” and “Trials Evolution” video games and provided shred guitar for the Cartoon Network 2017 Powerpuff Girls television episode, “Electric Buttercup”.  He has presented at TED x and is the author of six guitar reference self-pedagogical books totaling more that 2,000 pages of material.

Mike 2
Mike Dimin: Bass

Michael Dimin “wrote the book” on the art of solo bass, through his groundbreaking books, “The Art of Solo Bass” and “The Chordal Approach“ and as a columnist for Bass Guitar Magazine (UK), Bassics, Bass Frontiers Magazines and as a guest columnist for Bass Player Magazine. Mike has performed solo bass from Istanbul to LA and everywhere in between. He has been a featured TEDx performer,  taught clinics and master classes at Gerald Veasley’s Bass Boot Camp, The Bass Collective, the National Summer Guitar Workshop, The Detroit Bass Fest, the Virginia Bass Forum and more. Mike is an artist for Phil Jones Bass, Boomerang Music and DR Strings.

“Mike’s taken his revolutionary approach, unparalleled technique and mastery of the instrument and combined it with a sense of musicianship and lyricism that transcends the site of a solo bassist on stage.”

Rob Morris: Drums

Robert Morris grew up a musical family and has been playing drum set for over 25 years. Robert entered into his first jazz quintet at age 16. Around this time Robert began to study with Grammy Education Award recipient Larry Levine. Robert has been played in festivals and competitions from Canada to Tennessee and recorded with bands of multiple genres for the last 10 years. Since 2015 Robert has been teaching lessons at the Capital Area Music Project in Saratoga, as well as at his studio in Albany. Robert approaches drumming as an evolving art form and strives to blend Latin jazz and reggae with New Orleans funk and soul.