Embe Esti is an intercontinental fusion band that incorporates grooves and sounds inspired by the African Diaspora and other global traditions.  

Based in the Capital Region of New York, Embe Esti has been seen performing at The Linda, The Star Theater at Cherry Valley Artworks, HVCC, The Jive Hive, Amsterdam Riverwalk, and for benefit concerts for Habitat for Humanity and Food Not Bombs. 

Performing its soulful dance music since 2017, the group consists of:  

Lady T: Vocals  
Scott Collins: Guitar  
Mike Dimin: Bass  
Aaron Shields: Drums

After seeing Embe Esti twice, I can say without a doubt that they are one of my favorite bands. The music is wonderful, the band members really seem to love the music they play, and everyone in the audience moves in their own way to the rhythm. Embe Esti is remarkable and I can't wait to see them perform again!” - McKenzie P.